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Spectre Security Team

Our team consists of military veterans and police trained security officers who have experience working not only to ensure the safety of medical patients and hardworking employees but also to be a respected and helpful member of the community. Every member is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our goal is always to deescalate a situation as quietly as possible which is why every employee is trained in de-escalation of force or verbal judo.

Brian Oliva-Hagerty President

Brian has over 5 years experience in the security and law enforcement field. He graduated with an Associates degree in Interdisciplinary studies, California Peace Officer Standards and Training(P.O.S.T) certification, Frontsight weapons training. He has had experience in managing security sites in high risk armed transport, construction sites, medical facilities, personal protection, celebrations, and medical marijuana grow sites all over California.

Jeremy Russell

Started martial arts when he was 5 years old and have learned from several different styles. Was a taekwondo instructor and hold 3 black belts. Started his own gun shop Para Bellum Tactical in 2012 and designed custom firearms. He is a DOJ certified handgun instructor and NRA certified range officer. He has been in security for 17 years and is very knowledgeable in federal contracts, health care, and personal protection.

Brad Koyak

Spectre Security is serious about our presence and image in the community and ability to resolve conflicts without force, Brad works with the team on verbal de-escalation and professionalism. He also makes sure our team has constant mental health evaluations meaning you get solid minded responsible guards. Brad has an MS and Ph.D in Psychology.

​Joseph Brezovic

Air Force (retired): 38 years to include training, active duty, and reserve duty. Positions and responsibilities include Industrial Engineering Officer for Logistics facilities and transportation planning; Logistics Officer for Defense Logistics Agency Fuels Management; Branch Manager for Team Training for Missile Maintenance; Deputy Manager Air Force Missile Inspection team. Civilian responsibilities: Director of Research and Analysis for Air Force-related programs; Integration Engineer for Space Station logistics planning; Procedure Engineer writing astronaut space shuttle and space station operations; Principal Engineer for NASA Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance. 

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